About Our Firm

"You share a room with others in an entirely different manner from the way you would share a highway with them. Buildings provide a measure of accountability, which in turn yields a measure of authenticity"....  "Buildings in the developed world tend to be reliable. While you use highways to get to them, the buildings are separate from the highways. Buildings provide indoor spaces that deliver what real estate lawyers call 'quiet enjoyment.' ” 

Wes Kussmaul, from the book “Quiet Enjoyment” 

The Very Best Talent
Abxy Properties' architects not only know the latest design trends and techniques, they know how to listen. Share your sketch with them - or even just a paragraph or two describing your needs. They'll be happy to provide an initial estimate of design and construction cost at no obligation to you. 

The Very Best Construction Materials
All of Abyx Properties structures are built from scratch using the kind of materials that assure your privacy and safety for years to come. 

Chief among these materials is QEI Public Key Infrastructure 

For years the superior strength of PKI construction materials has been acknowledged by experts the world over. Now, the remarkable QEI standards and methods make the wonders of PKI usable and effective in the real world of real buildings used by real people.



Collaborative Design
We at Abyx Properties take pride in our commitment to getting it right, and that means above all meeting your needs and expectations. Click here to learn more about our collaborative design and construction process.



Something there is that doesn’t love a wall...
He says again, “Good fences make good neighbors.”

Robert Frost, from “Mending Wall” 


Something There Is That Needs a Wall

Something that doesn’t love a wall is me
With other Internauts, I want to be free.

But some free spirits become disgrace
When liberated in cyberspace.

We’re slow to learn that after the Fall
We have not earned such license at all.

(Utopians are never eager to see
The ways that walls make people free.)

But when we meet, we meet in a place
Removed from the crazy highway race.

Something there is that needs a wall:
The preschool, the office, the shopping mall.

And so the mender might glean from his labors
Truly, good fences do make good neighbors.

Wes Kussmaul, from the book “Quiet Enjoyment”