Member enterprises of The Authenticity Alliance make use of and deploy the intellectual property, tools and services of The Authenticity Infrastructure and its superset, the Quiet Enjoyment Infrastructure.

Working together, we build and deploy the solution to problems caused by inauthenticity in online spaces.

Delivering Authenticity

Whether it’s reliable identities for vendors of identity management software or tokens, or for operators of, or subscribers to, dating services, or operators of social networks for children, or vendors of interactive lottery systems, or vendors of hardware security modules (HSMs) or financial services firms or banks, the key ingredients of reliable identities are reliable enrollment procedures, tightly coupled authoritative certification services, and sound privacy protections.

The Authenticity Enterprises that perform enrollment, certification, and privacy protection services will not market directly to customers. Rather, they provide services to other Authenticity Enterprises that market to customers. The result is a true universal single-sign-on credential that works with services provided by any Authenticity Enterprise. Your reliable healthcare credential works with your insurer, your employer, your social networking site, etc., etc.

Core Service Providers (the “Authenticity Factory”)

Reliable Identities, Inc. is a commercial enterprise that manages face-to-face and remote enrollments and also provides PCI and state compliance solutions via encryption key management and tokenization.

The Council of Attestation Officers recruits and qualifies Attestation Officer candidates from among notary signing agents, Latin notaries, justices of the peace, court reporters, etc.

The Osmio Professional Licensing Board qualifies and licenses Enrollment Officers and AEC professionals.

The Osmio Vital Records Department certifies identities.

Solutions Providers

Internet Child Protection, Inc. is a noncommercial enterprise that provides consulting services and guidance to child protection organizations and to operators of social networks for children.

Authentic EHR, providing measurably reliable identities to the healthcare industry

HSM-ID, providing measurably reliable identities to the management of servers of the crytographic keys that secure an enterprise’s most sensitive information

Authentic Data Rooms providing measurably reliable identities and InDoor technology to operators of online “data rooms” where participants in M&A transactions share deal-related documents

Reliable OpenID for site owners

AuthentiCIP, providing measurably reliable identities to operators of critical infrastructure facilities (electric power generation and distribution, water supply, Internet hosting and transport, etc.)

AuthentiBank, providing measurably reliable identities to banking and financial services industries

Social Authenticity, Inc. (placeholder name) markets reliable identities to operators of dating services.

AuthentiMatch, Inc. (placeholder name) markets reliable identities to operators of resource sharing sites (sharing of cars, apartments, equipment among strangers.)

Authentrust, Inc. markets reliable identities to vendors of identity management systems.

InDoor Accounting, Inc. will provide a hosted version of the NolaPro accounting system inside facilities with occupancy permits (also serves QEA member enterprises.)

Identity Fortress is a commercial enterprise that markets the MyOwnInformation privacy protection product to vendors of identity theft protection services.

AuthentiGoods provides digitally signed authenticity devices to manufacturers who suffer from counterfeiters of their products.

Global Villages, Inc. serves publishers, associations, and other audience aggregators with their own independently branded and operated social network, built upon the Village® authenticity-enabled social media platform.

The ZK Group is a noncommercial enterprise that provides the MyOwnInformation privacy protection product.

Abyx Properties will provide OpenSocial compliant InDoor™ facilities for social networks including MyOwnOffice and MyOwnHome.

SquareByte recruits open source developers and others to train and qualify for Architect, Contractor and Building Inspector professional licenses

The Osmium Group is a commercial enterprise that will provide wallets, i.e. tokens, smartcards, and the Audrey device that plugs into phones, pdas, media players, etc.

PKI Press

PKI University

Communities (Built Upon the Village® Authenticity-Enabled Social Media Platform)

The World Trust Signatories Association, for internationalist-idealists

Gekko Village, an authenticity-enabled Village (social network) for kids 5-12

Knights Veritas, an authenticity-enabled Village for kids 13+